Lotus Elan M100


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Engine Size

1.6L Turbo


5-Speed Manual

Fuel Type







Once in a while a garage door gets lifted in front of your eyes to reveal nothing else but a glistening unicorn – my first glimpse of this car was one of those times! Elan M100’s are one of the most useable Lotus’ ever made and, as such, the overwhelming majority of these cars have been used, enjoyed, covered miles and now wear the patination to tell their story. The story behind this car explains its immaculate condition and makes it a very collectable Lotus indeed. It has had only one owner from new, a motoring and aviation enthusiast from Hales Owen who has loved and cherished it since 22 June 1992, the date on the original purchase invoice included in the file. It has always been dry stored in his garage where I first viewed the car and only used on high days and holidays, and he particularly enjoyed taking in regularity rallies with his wife as well as trips to the airfield. In its early years it was serviced by Ryland in Birmingham but given the owners vocation within the motoring industry it has mostly been cared for at home. Because of ill health it is now being offered for sale and to prepare it for sale we have treated the car to a major service, including cam belt as well as a fresh fuel pump.

This car is a time warp – the metal parts still wear the zinc coat applied at the factory and it never had any paint. The interior looks exactly as you would expect of a car with so few miles and even the roof and door seals remain in exquisite condition. Its unlikely you will ever find another M100 in this sort of condition, it stands ready to be cherished by a collector or enjoyed by an enthusiast.

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Engine 1588cc, turbocharged in-line four
Torque 148lb ft @ 4200rpm
Transmission Five-speed manual
0-60mph 6.7 seconds
Top speed 137mph

Hofmann’s Warranty – 3 months from date of purchase.

Parts covered: During the specified period almost all of the original manufacturer’s mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle are covered against total failure except those listed under exclusions.
Cover includes:
Turbo/supercharger (Factory fitted)
Air conditioning (Factory fitted)
Timing belts: Providing there is proof that the manufacturer’s placement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination. Casings: In the event of a part included in this agreement causing damage to a casing then the casing will form part of the maximum claim liability.
Car hire: In the event of an agreed repair and provided that the repair time is in accordance with K.I.S. schedules and is in excess of 8 hours, a maximum of £50 per day inclusive of VAT (excluding petrol and insurance) may be claimed for up to a maximum of 5 days, (related to the actual repair times from the time repairs commence) and provided that car hire is authorised by us prior to the start of the hire period. This will form part of the maximum claim liability.
Vehicle recovery: In the event of an agreed repair, tow-in charges up to £50 including VAT will form part of the maximum repair payout.


Chassis, bodywork, interior and exterior trim, locks, glass, tyres, batteries, exhaust systems, diesel particulate filters, catalytic converter, fuel tanks, brake and clutch friction material, wiring looms, road wheels, clearing of fuel lines, injectors, oil seals, satellite navigation, in car entertainment, seized brake calipers and all service items, heater elements, centralised locking pumps, car telephone, air bags, sensors, keys, key cards, remote fobs, all light units, bulbs including gas filled, LED’s, Xenon starter units, air conditioning recharging, anti-freeze, lubricants, filters, transmission fluids, external oil or fluid leaks, hoses and pipes, hardware e.g. bolts and fixings, pulleys/dampers, serviceable and ancillary items. Instrument gauges are covered only in the event of a single gauge which can be replaced separately, not as a cluster.
All warranty claims must be pre authorised by Hofmann’s.