Car storage, maintenance and vehicle management


Car storage maintenance and vehicle management at Hofmanns

We are delighted to be able to announce a new service available at Hofmanns. Bespoke car storage for new and existing clients.

We now have available to us a bespoke building which is very secure and has a Red Care monitored alarm system, everything your insurance company would like to hear. Although we are offering and promoting this service, the only people who will know of the location will be those clients actually storing a vehicle with us. We are also able to guarantee our clients complete confidentiality as to the owner of any particular vehicle.We are able to offer a whole host of services and tailored packages to suite.

  • Secure Car storage
  • Pre arranged collection and delivery
  • Pre arranged covered transport
  • Annual maintenance
  • MOT services
  • Monthly running up and moving your car - It doesn't even have to get wet
  • From a basic wash and hoover to a complete and comprehensive valet

When your car arrives at Hofmanns it will have a basic check before being stored

  • Lights, levels and tyre check
  • Wash, leather and hoover

The car will then be stored away securely

  • Any battery and fuel cut outs will be turned off
  • The battery will be removed and placed on our battery conditioner rack
  • The car be carefully covered with your tailored cover

With 24 hours notice, you car will be available for collection

  • The battery refitted
  • The car run up and visually checked
  • The lights, levels and tyre pressures rechecked
  • Fuel'd and made ready for you to enjoy

For all of our pricing and services please follow the link CAR STORAGE, or navigate to our bespoke page in our Car Sales section